Behind the scenes, the new tufted purse collection

By Manuela jarry
Behind the scenes, the new tufted purse collection

I can't tell you how excited I am to be launching this new collection of yarn purses!! In 2020, when I worked on my vision board for Dora Nola, there was a picture of a carpet purse amongst other things that I had on my list of things to eventually make and add to the collection.

Here is one of the first boards, with the purse :)

As the months and years flew by, I never really took the time to investigate just how I could make these beautiful products... They were still looming in the back of my mind, but no real time or energy was spent on the idea. Then, in early 2023, I hit a roadblock in my life and health and had to slow down a bit. Although this was a challenging period, and still is, it gave me the time and headspace to pick up a new creative hobby, the punch needle.

As soon as I discovered this technique, I knew it was going to be a keeper for me!

Very much like crochet or knitting, punch needle requires you to work on the textile loop by loop, punch by punch. It is quite meditative and relaxing, not to mention incredibly fulfilling. This craft is a blend of surface design, textile design and sculpture. I love how easily I can vary heights, types of loops and density. 

These gorgeous purse designs are the first of many tufted products to come, I am certain! The possibilities are endless and the final product is just so unique, quirky, colourful and FUN.

So you get an idea of how these are made (entirely, 100% made by hand by yours truly!) I shot several hours of footage and condensed the making of a purse in 5 minutes... enjoy!

 Here are the first four designs! 


What's not to love? ;)

I have some units on hand, but I will mostly be making these to order, so you can expect a few weeks delay before getting your very own. I can't wait to get your feedback and ship off some of these beauties to your homes.

They each come with a removable golden chain strap so you can wear it both as a clutch or a cross-body purse.


Manuela -xo

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