Silks & Care


Silk scarves are an investment meant to be passed on from generation to generation, heirloom pieces to cherish and collect. Dora Nola scarves are crafted in 100% luxurious pure silk by artisans from the Silk City of Hangzhou in China, and each hem is carefully hand rolled by local residents. I have travelled extensively to China throughout my career and have grown fond of the culture, the people, and the craftsmanship. One of the first souvenirs I brought home from my travels many years ago was a tiny silk pyjama for my then newborn daughter, and the appreciation for this fine, luxurious fabric had begun. Chinese silk is bright, satiny, and allows for the most vibrant colours.

Silk twill is a natural fibre, strong and durable, but requires careful care in order to maintain in pristine condition and last for years.


Dora Nola shawls are made of a blend of 15% silk and 85% Modal, and are light and very soft to the touch. Modal is an eco-friendly, semi-synthetic fibre made of beech pulp. Our blend scarves have a natural feel and warm colour tint.



In order to maintain your scarf in perfect condition for years to come, it is recommended to dry clean only. The best way to store your silk scarves is to keep them folded in their original gift box, in a dry environment.

If you must clean a spot, use a non-alkaline soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Never wring your scarf to remove excess water. Blot dry and iron with steam at the lowest setting on the back of the design. You should never dry-iron silk or you’ll risk burning the fibres. Do not iron the edges flat of the hand rolled hem, as the rolled hem will lose its signature shape. Do not use any chemical sprays or mothballs for storage.