Dora Nola Tributes, Lucille Ball

By Manuela jarry
Dora Nola Tributes, Lucille Ball

A woman of action who is not afraid to take up space, Lucille Ball was the first woman to run and own a production studio, Desilu Productions. She fought for creative rights and self direction in her craft and she is remembered to this day for being full of life, colourful and passionate. She grew up in a family that barely had enough to survive, yet managed to work her way into being a household name, and I imagine she achieved this through rolling up her sleeves and acting on her dreams.

Lucille has so many good quotes to choose from but I really like this one:

"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done"

So many times we hold back from doing something because we are afraid of the repercussions, but there can be nothing worse than inaction and what comes from that: nothing! 

Here's to you, Lucy!

Manuela xox

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