Dora Nola Tributes, Yoko Ono

By Manuela jarry
Dora Nola Tributes, Yoko Ono

What an iconic woman and an iconic look. I wish I could meet Yoko Ono to get a sense of her strong personality up close. She strikes me as bold, intelligent and independent. And this quote: "Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90" gives me the impression that she is not one who is afraid of aging. Her life full, her vision shared and spoken. Even today at 88 years old she is active and making lasting marks to the arts and entertainment world. One of her latest projects is the Coda Connection, a program launched to connect people to musicians through documentaries and other features. you can visit it here.

One can only be inspired by this great woman, living life the way she wanted and aging gracefully, while staying young at heart.

Manuela xox
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