How to style a scarf into a one-shoulder top

By Manuela jarry
How to style a scarf into a one-shoulder top

When we did the first photo shoot for Dora Nola, one of the models I hired (shout out to you Mai-Anne Nguyen! xo) came with the idea of styling a scarf as this one-shoulder top, so we gave it a try and it looked amazing! My favorite look from the shoot is this one, worn by Xinkun Dai:

You can get this look with any square scarf, preferably the standard silk square. Here, we've styled the Dora Nola 'Queen" silk square. While it is not very complicated to do, there are a few steps which I try to illustrate in the following step-by-step guide. Have fun trying it out!

STEP 1: fold your square scarf into a large triangle

STEP 2: Now, fold the triangle again, and tie a knot with the two ends

STEP 3: Slide your head and one arm into the hole, so that the knotted part becomes your shoulder strap.

STEP 4: Take that long part and wrap it around your back, all the way around to under your opposite arm to join back the end to the scarf.

STEP 5: (This part is a bit tricky if you're on your own, but you can do it!) Now tie the end of the part you wrapped around to the other side of the scarf, right about under your armpit.

VOILÀ! You are now styling the one-shoulder scarf top!

Another view of the top styled by Xinkun Dai.

Here we styled the Femme Scarf as a one-shoulder top on Santhiya under a blazer and she looks fierce!

Have fun and show us how you are styling our Dora Nola scarves by tagging us on IG @dora.nola


Manuela xo

All photographs by Robert Clark Fleurant

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