Art School Silk Neckerchief

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Embrace the Vibrant World of Color! 🌈✨ Inspired by the captivating beauty of art history and my cherished art school years, this design is a celebration of colour theory. Unleash your inner artist with this one-of-a-kind creation, showcasing captivating colour block silhouettes against a luxurious eggshell background.

This neckerchief is designed to be your go-to accessory! Whether you wear it stylishly in your hair, elegantly around your neck, or as a statement accent on your favorite bag or purse, it effortlessly adds a touch of charm to any ensemble.

Get ready to elevate your everyday look with this versatile and eye-catching piece that complements every outfit in your wardrobe

Feel the power of colour and make a statement that reflects your artistic spirit. 

  • 20"W x 20"L 
  • 100% silk twill
  • Multi-colour
  • Packaged in a Dora Nola Signature pillow box

Dry clean only.