Dora Nola at Signé Local!

By Manuela jarry
Dora Nola at Signé Local!
It is with much joy that I announce that Dora Nola is now part of the Signé Local family!

Founded in 2015, Signé Local's mission is to introduce the general public to quality local products designed and made in Quebec. Offering ethical and sustainable consumer choices, promoting local supply chains with a smaller environmental footprint and contributing to the effervescence of the Quebec economy are all aspects at the heart of the company's business model.

In addition to an online transactional platform, Signé Local has a distribution center in Brossard and four stores across the province: at the Eaton Centre in Montreal, in Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, at Promenades St-Bruno and at Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City.

Signé Local is also a destination of choice for corporate gifts. With thousands of local products on offer and a wide range of gift sets, each proposal is tailored to the customer's needs and budget.

With more than 250 producers, Signé Local is a community of Quebec entrepreneurs, a vehicle for development in the Quebec community, and a showcase for Quebec-made products. Dora Nola is honoured to be amongst them.
Signé Local vitrine
Dora Nola will be available online and in the Dix30 and Montreal stores. 
See the available products here 
Signé Local Dix30
Happy shopping!
-Manuela xox
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